ECA & ASA – Bilingual

Student Leadership?領導力培養
The school provides opportunities for student leadership and responsibility through the Student Council and multi-age After School Activities. Having both male and female representatives in each year group from Grade 4 and above allows student leadership to be spread more widely, and allows students to become responsible and proactive leaders who are capable of shouldering the workload in a fun and productive manner.


After School ActivitiesASA)課外活動
The purpose of the ASA is to extend and enrich a variety of student interests in fun ways. The following are some activities that have been offered: Board Games, Chinese Games, Computer Club, Dance, Guitar, Oriental Art, Science Projects, Sports (Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Table Tennis).

開展課外活動的目的是擴展和豐富不同的學生的興趣和愛好,學校已經開設的課外活動包括: 棋類游戲、中國特色游戲、計算機俱樂部、舞蹈、吉他樂隊、東方藝術、科學探索、運動項目(羽毛球、籃球、足球、乒乓球)。

Community Service and Action?社區服務與行動
Community service, action and international mindedness are important components of all IB programmes. Through these activities, students will be nurtured to look beyond themselves and care for the well being of their peers, the local and international community and the environment.


Learning Journeys 教育拓展活動
Local educational learning journeys (field trips) are planned within the curriculum to ensure students become exposed to and interact with the world beyond school and home. Field trips from Grade 4 and above provide opportunities for students to enhance team building; create environmental awareness; experience staying away from home; and participate in activities that challenge them to step out of their comfort zone.


ASA, for fun and learning:?

Flashmob show on Youth Day:?

Children’s Day:?

UOI at the farm:?

UOI by Songya Lake:?

Sports Day:?

Huluwa Mask Show:?

International Family Day:?

UOI-Time Travel:?


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