Welcome Back to School丨瑋?;ㄩ_正當時,學子歸巢啟新程

How long has it been since you last saw your?teachers and classmates??Do you miss them?




On April 13, the other grades of lower secondary and high school?returned?to?the?school.With more and more students coming back, our campus is becoming lively?again.



In the early morning, our staff were ready on duty at the school gate.?The security?staff?inspected various security facilities, and the cleaning staff cleaned the campus thoroughly – dear students, welcome back!


Materials check 資料提交

Around 7:30 AM, the students were?arriving, bringing?their health card and necessary?materials. Our teachers collected and checked the forms?carefully.


Temperature check & Disinfection 體溫測量&消毒

Safety guide 安全護崗

At the school gate, we have set up a temporary medical center and a luggage?disinfection area, with staff being arranged at each point to support the parents and students.?The?party members of the school also joined to help guide and escort the students safely to the school across the road.


Safety training 安全培訓&復課

The students entered the campus and started their first day of school?after a series of?entrance process?which included?the health code and health form check,?the shoe soles disinfection, the temperature check, the hand disinfection, etc., while always ensuring a distance of at least one meter between each other.


Lunch 就餐規范

Under the guidance of the school and teachers,?the students?were?divided into different groups to?have lunch in the canteen.?They all lined up?more than one meter?apart.?They ate facing the same direction and ensuring a good social distancing practice. The students left?the canteen directly after finishing their?meal.


Boarding 宿舍安全

The boarding students were following our closed-off?management.?The luggage were sent to the dormitory after being?disinfected. The dormitory teachers?guided?the students to make?the bed on their own. The boarders would undergo the temperature check on a very regular basis.?This would be an opportunity for them to learn and grow.


Let’s send our best wishes to the students – set up your goals, value?your time, and study hard for your dreams!


? 特別鳴謝捐贈防疫物資的家長 ?

G10 方朵兒家長

G10 黃琬淋家長

G1 覃薇婷家長